Three Steps Towards Google Maps Marketing

Three Steps Towards Google Maps Marketing

While most businesses know that search engine optimization is essential to the success of their business, many local or small businesses may not know or understand the power of local search engine optimization. With smartphones being so prevalent now, over half of Internet users check their wireless device for locations and hours of local businesses they might want to use, and most of them wind up spending money at a local spot within the next two days. If you are not doing Google Maps marketing for your brick and mortar business location, then you are missing out on most people looking for the very products and services you have to offer.  If you’d like to skip having to worry about marketing your business in Google Maps via Google My Business listings, then we recommend you contact the Dallas SEO Geek.  Click here to see more information on his thoughts about marketing your business in Google Maps.  See his video:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your location is listed on Google Maps. This is not hard to do, as many locations are already listed by Google or other users. However, if not, Google has ways for your business to be listed as a specific point within their famous maps, so that you have a little name bubble all your own over your roof. Make sure that it is pinned exactly where you are so that potential customers can zoom right in on you, even from an originally orbital view.

Your second step is to make sure your business bubble has the correct information attached to it. This would include a physical address (so people can use Google Maps to drive to you with guided instructions), your phone number, your days and hours of operation, and your website address. In this way, Internet users not only see where your business is located and can find you if interested, those on the fence can call you or visit your website for more information about your products and services. Even if this is not direct sales, it is still more interested site traffic for you, giving you more prospects and leads.

The third step is to make sure that you take care of your customers thoroughly. Google Maps not only identifies businesses but provides a feedback method for users to rate your business from one to five stars, and these ratings show up on Google Maps. Google Maps users tend to flock towards businesses that have ratings over ones that do not, and do more business with establishments that have the highest ratings overall.

These are the three steps involved in Google Maps marketing. Make sure that your business location is marked, and that your contact information and hours are accurate. If you can, get customers that you know are happiest with your service to give you good Google ratings. If any Google users do give you ratings you do not like, reach out to them to learn from their dissatisfaction and try to make things right with them. Even though you can not please everyone, a business that tries to learn and improve and cares about its reputation is a business that Google Maps users love to visit and give a chance.